Monday, May 3, 2010


Yesterday was my second day at Michaels, and you know, i didn't hate it. It actually might be a fun job. The girls that i worked with were pretty fun and i actually feel like i got to know the store a little more.

other than working yesterday, i have been a bum. (But more on that in my next confessions post- boy do i have a doosy for you!)

But here are some productive things that i HAVE done lately:

i have been reading my chronological Bible that my friend Mary gave to me last year. i am almost done with Genesis. which i love. one of my favorite things about the Bible is how everything ties together and circles back around. For example, in Genesis we see the birth of people groups who continue to play a role in the lives of the Israelites for thousands of years. Like Lot's (Abraham's nephew) descendants become Moab and Ammon. Esau's (Jacob's brother) descendants become Edom. We also see in Genesis the creation of Babylon, a city that comes up again throughout the Bible all the way to Revelation. It is all really interesting stuff and the chronological Bible does all the time line work for me (although i like to do it myself anyways because it helps me learn). ok, enough nerdy stuff.

i am still running when my knees allow me and the other day i ran a 5k (on the treadmill) in record time. That is, to clarify, record time FOR ME. i seriously doubt it would be record time for normal people because, as i believe i have mentioned previously; i am a SLOW runner. but i am ok with that.

i am still working on that Bethany Dillon song. i have got it down pretty well except for this one chord change where i have to go from the second fret to like the eighth fret really quickly. it is hard. and so there is like this awkward pause in the song while i reset my fingers.
today i started working on a new song because i have discovered that if i am not learning new songs, i really don't practice my guitar that much. The song that i am working on now is one that we sing at church a lot and i. just. love. it.

have a listen, and be blessed.


  1. glad that Michaels isn't too bad...maybe I should come work WITH you! As we already know, being co-workers rocks. I'm listening to that song now-- good recommendation! And I'm turbo impressed that you can run 5k. Now, do you run the whole time?? Or walk intermittently? And sorry I probably butchered the spelling on the last word of the previous sentence...

  2. good song choice. amber brooks is my fave current morningstar worship leader....she brings a certain sweet spirit with her worship. She actually played that song at a wedding I was at last weekend during the worship part of the ceremony. Perks to living in Jesus-disney land (aka. Morningstar/zhop/cause former jim baker property)

    I think working at Michael's sounds like an awesome job. I can wander around crafty stores for hours. Plus I never see a mad rush of stressed out people in crafty stores. Not like you see at say...Old Navy.

    Very impressed with the running. I'm pretty sure I can't even remember what it feels like to run at this stage in my pregnancy.

  3. erika- i would love love for you to come work with me. it would make my life so happy!

    i run about half and then i run/walk the last half. i am working towards being able to run the whole thing. it is hard!

    love you both!!!!!!



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