Monday, May 17, 2010

crazy dream

i woke up at 4:45 this morning with this dream lingering in my head. i thought it was strange and i was wide awake, so i decided to type it out. This is what i wrote, unedited:

i had a dream about a man of reasonable stature, blonde hair in a bowl cut, and round glasses.

when he was young, he received a gift that changed the course of his short life. a rubix cube. The first time he solved it, it took him 2 hours. as he got better and better, he decided to enter a contest. when he entered, he felt sure that he could win, not because he could solve the cube quickly, but because he was the only entry. that is, until the phone rang.

a man named Dr. Erik Johnson was on the line and he had his rubix cube and a timer ready to challenge anyone who was willing. Our friend was willing. he lost. Erik was kind and gracious to him, but this incident spurred him on to pursue excellence in everything that he did, even the rubix cube.

He continued to practice the puzzle, all the while he was excelling academically. He graduated early and went on to attended medical school, inspired to pursue neuroscience and brain surgery by his friend and challenger Dr. Erik Johnson. During this time, they had developed a correspondence and friendly rivalry, and finally one year, with his yellow timer ticking the moments by, he beat Dr. Johnson’s time on the cube. “done.” he said as witnesses watched on in amazement.

the year he graduated from medical school was the same year they noticed the spot in his brain. all his work and studies had made him aware of just what his prognosis was, and he refused treatment.

the day he died, Dr. Johnson was in surgery. Upon completion he received a one word message from his friend. “done.”

The last week of his life he had made a journal entry for each day. a drawing of a different organ, each one in a different color. just like his cube.


  1. That is an insanely detailed dream that reads like a movie!! Maybe you can write a book based on it...

  2. I agree with Erika; I think you can write a book about this!

  3. This was my dream last night: I step on to a very crowded, dirty New York subway. I look down and realize I am not wearing any shoes.

    You win.



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