Tuesday, May 4, 2010

just a few things.

i am not one who develops crushes on people i do not know. in fact, i am not one who often develops crushes in general. but i have to say, ever since the winter olympics i have a huge crush on Evan Lysacek. He is classy, disciplined, handsome, and quirky. and HELLO have you seen him on Dancing with the Stars? But really, i just like how he handles himself and pressure and does everything with class. and he is seriously cute. forgive me for being shallow, but that's just the way it is. doesn't everyone deserve to be a little shallow sometimes?

earlier today i was sitting on the couch with my mom and i was giving her a hard time about something and she flicked me off! i started to get up, acting offended and she leaned over to grab me and as she did, she got her earring caught in the blanket on the couch. i had a good laugh.

today was my first day back at the Pet Resort. it wasn't bad, i am getting paid well, and i got a tip for the bath that i gave. yay! and i think i only got 3 bruises today.

now i am up too late because i have to get up super early again tomorrow. I went from not working at all to working 6 days this week. crazy.

i think this is the most random post ever. i am paving new ground here.


  1. Ahh...the old Pet Resort (you know what joke I am thinking of here...just don't want to type it because other people may be highly mystified/offended haha). When we see each other next, please remind me to tell you this extremeley hilarious story of a dog grooming gone wrong that happened recently to the dog of a girl I work with. It will make you take great discipline to your job there. :) I love you!

  2. I like the random posts!
    And that's pretty funny about your mom and her earring.

  3. erika i know exactly what you are talking about and even wanted to say something to you about that, but again, it could be misunderstood.

    thankfully i don't do any grooming, just bathing and playing.

    Thanks Diana! i thought it was pretty funny too, but she said it wasn't nice for me to put it on my blog. oh well.



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