Thursday, August 26, 2010

a letter to my friend

Dear internet,
while you may be used to seeing me here, here, and even here, i just wanted you to know that i will not be able to visit you there as often as usual.

if you are looking for me, you can find me here, here, and even here.

catch you around the world wide web!

your friend,
the work-a-holic

Friday, August 20, 2010


today, we cleaned out my sister's room.

it was ugly.

just a warning for all you OCD people out there, you might want to stop reading.

(well, actually, if you have a collecting sort of OCD, you might find it a little gratifying, but if you have a germ-a-phobia, cleanliness kind of OCD, then you should look away. you could get uncomfortable.)

First of all, let me say that we filled up four big trash bags...of trash. Just paper and stuff.

We filled up two big trash bags full of VHS tapes. i could not tell you when she last had a VCR. But just in case, we also found a tape rewinder.

We found eight watches (not counting the one she wears on her wrist) i think only one worked.

We found four portable CD players, one walk-man, and two larger CD players.

i filled up three CD wallets with CDs.

we found no less than 20 unopened tubes of chapstick (various flavors)

we found five big never used (probably never opened) art sets

we found eleven small packages of tissue

we filled an entire drawer with pens, pencils, crayons, and markers

i found a plate (which she claimed was for her dinner this evening- she likes to get out her plates in advance)

we found countless wires and plugs

eight full packs of UNO cards (some were themed) along with lots of individual UNO cards scattered throughout the room

five washcloths

four towels

one tennis racket and three tennis balls

and i wish that i had counted the amount of batteries that we threw away because it was astronomical. Not to mention the batteries that were still in packs.

but far and away, the most that she had of anything was DVDs. they were stacked in piles all over her bed and the floor and in boxes everywhere. But the kicker is that we were not allowed to touch the DVDs, or she would yell at us. Even if i tried to move them, i would see her eyes boring into me. i would get a warning first, then i would bear the wrath. she hates me, she is never going to talk to me again, etc. eventually, she got tired of us asking her if something was trash or not, which was fine because i pretty much tried to get rid of most things without her noticing.

it didn't always work.

her room looks a lot better now, although there is still a long way to go. and the living room is FULL of her stuff everywhere. unfortunately, i am working tomorrow and i will not be able to help them cart all of that stuff downstairs. i guess that is ok though, because i helped carry my other sister's stuff up six flights of stairs to move her into her dorm on Thursday. you could say moving sister's things would be a theme for this week. i am glad it is almost over.

two more days until school!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

anyone need a mini fridge?

with local schools starting up, both of my jobs have been cutting back on hours. While this is bad for my bank account, it is good for my social life and sanity.

Last week i was sitting at home when i got a text message from a friend offering me free Braves tickets, so i got to watch my favorite baseball team and spend time with my favorite (and only) brother. AND the Braves beat the Mets (always a plus).

Last Wednesday my family rented a boat and spent the day on the lake and THEN that night i went to the Tom Petty concert with my favorite Randalls. Crosby, Stills, and Nash opened the concert. It was so much fun to watch such talented musicians playing music that i love. it was a fun day.

then it was back to work. i thought i was going to have a light week this week, but i keep getting random shifts added, so it might be a decent week after all.

in other news, my baby sister is moving into her dorm this week, and i officially have one week left until the first day of class. i am super excited except for the fact that i have to make the first payment which is going to WIPE out my bank account, my computer STILL doesn't meet the specifications for my class and i don't have a digital recorder.

i might start selling stuff.

Friday, August 13, 2010


i was going to dedicate this song to chipper. but that seemed like an inglorious use for such a wonderful song. so, enjoy it anyways. it always stirs up memories.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

there's a first time for everything

i had another busy work week this week, but i managed to find some time to do some new and exciting things. well, i guess exciting is all relative, but they are certainly exciting to me.

Firstly, i taught myself how to sew. i have been attempting to repair my mom's old sewing machine, but to no avail, so, i decided to take matters (and fabric) into my own hands and do it for myself. Now, this is not to say that anything that i have created so far has any aesthetic quality to it, but the function is there, so i think i am ok with that, this being my first week and all.

also, my RAM (random access memory just in case you were wondering) came in the mail this week, and so i took out my computer battery, unscrewed a panel, pulled out the old RAM and installed the new ones. (with supervision and help of course). but i was pretty darn proud of myself. i also updated my operating system and partitioned my hard drive so that i could install another operating system, BUT i did not leave enough space on one side of the partition, so i will have to fix that somehow. Maybe i should leave the computer stuff to the experts? Hopefully i will get all of this resolved before school starts in a few weeks.

the highlight of my week hands down though, was going to meet my friend Kristina's baby for the first time. Kristina and her husband were in Atlanta for his work, so i went and spent an entire afternoon and evening with Kristina and Adoration. way fun.

here are a few more highs and lows of this week:

high: all my working paid off with some nice paychecks on friday

low: i was rear-ended again. i think that makes it like 5 times that someone has run into the back of me. what is up with that?

high: i went to see Inception. it definitely lives up to all the hype. go see it. i won't spoil anything except to say that there is one part where Leo's character runs into a shop and the man starts yelling at him in Swahili. That made me so happy.

low: my dog ate one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Well technically, he only destroyed one, but what use is the other now?

high: my brother came to visit (albeit briefly)

low: i only went running once this week.

and to end on a high note: i am off today (yay for being off on Sundays), church was awesome, there was a Psych marathon on TV yesterday that i recorded, and it is August. i am really excited about it being august. it is going to be a good month.

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