Thursday, September 16, 2010

this is life

hello there, my friends. i know it has been a while, but well, my life has been a bit crazy. as you may know, i have started school, but have only decreased my work hours by about 6. so, basically, i have either work or school everyday of the week.
i have had a few days off lately, but i have been using them to do things like:
-help my baby sister move into her dorm
-go to six flags with some friends
-attend the first ever Georgia State University football game (go panthers!)
-drive down to Fort Valley, Georgia to visit some good friends and enjoy some time in the country
-watch some good and bad football games (Go Dawgs!)
-join a new community group
-go to White Water with my mom and brother

outside of all these things, i am now a certified custom framer at Michaels, i am knee deep in various projects for school (one of which is a giant group research project of which i have somehow found myself to be the leader of?)

and in the midst of all of this, i have somehow been able to have some really sweet time with the Lord, and i recognize that it is really his grace that is holding me up, i am not sure how i would be able to function otherwise. He is showing me more and more how to lean on Him in the day to day moments and not just in the big things (like provision for school...huge!)

well, i am off to bed, i am sorry we don't hang out like we used to, and i must say that it may be like this for a while. i am just warning you in case you start to miss me or wonder where i went. i am probably one of three places: work, school, or somewhere studying. it will all be worth it.

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