Monday, February 14, 2011

28 is great!

the problem with being in grad school, working, and trying to be healthy is that any moment i have free, i feel so guilty if i am not reading or running. so that is what i have been doing for the past week. reading. running. working. i am not quite close to being caught up in my school reading and i have midterms next week. yikes. also i have not been to the gym today and i have to be at work in four hours. it might not happen. so why am i wasting time by writing a blog?
1. because it was on my to-do list
2. because i am a procrastinator at heart
3. because i just want you all to know that 2011 is one of the best years i have had in a long time and being 28 is awesome.

i don't have any ground breaking news to share. i am behind in my school payments. still living at home. feeling overwhelmed by school work and the amount that i have been working the past two weeks. i am not sure that i can pin point it down to anything specific. i guess it is just the little things.

the small, but needed provisions
joining the prayer ministry team at my church
spending time with friends (always a rare treat!)
an encouraging email from a tough professor
and i have lost 14 pounds already on my weight loss plan (6 pounds from my second goal!)

maybe it is just my attitude, but i am really excited about this year and what it holds. i am excited about the small things, i am excited about getting involved in the areas of my giftings. and i am excited about new ways to grow in the Lord. because i am even encouraged about the state of my spiritual life. even though everything is still pretty much the same, i have had some very special revelations that have helped me a lot.

anyways, this post is going to be short and sweet with no pictures because, well i am sorry but psychopathology is calling...

here are some treats for your valentines from my favorite valentine, my mom:

Karen was having some difficulty eating her soup. It was a little spicy because she put a little too much "K9 pepper" in it.

Last night we were trying to figure out cell phone usage to know if we were going over on the data plan, but she couldn't find the "mega-pickles" on her phone.

Happy love day!!

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