Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the willies

you know that thing that creeps you out? The thing that invades your nightmares? The thing that people tell stories about and you shudder inwardly?

well, i met my thing for the first time this morning. it was more horrific than i imagined.

i was in the bathroom getting ready for work at around 6:20 this morning when all of a sudden i felt a sharp pain in the middle toe of my right foot. My first thought was that i stepped on a tack or something sharp. i looked down at my toe, but didn't see anything. then i started to look around to see if there was anything on the floor that could have caused the pain that was slowly increasing.

then i saw it.

the creepiest creature God ever created.

and i was late for work.


  1. aghhh!!!! better make sure that thing isn't poisonous.

    what are the chances of getting stung by a scorpion...i mean, really?

  2. EEEEKKK!!! yikes!! we had lots of scorpions at our last house, but luckily never stepped on one. UGH they creep me out. No lie, one night we were laying in bed and about to fall asleep and I swear Matt says "I hear something. I think it's a scorpion." and we turn on the light and sure enough, a scorpion is walking right next to our bed. how that man heard it (and correctly identified it from ALLL the many breeds of critters we had at that house) is a mystery and a miracle I will never understand. But YUCK sorry you had to experience that today.

  3. This story is so scary.
    Like, fear in my heart type scary.

    I'm sorry that you experienced that.

  4. it was a horrific experience.
    needless to say i am wearing shoes around the house now.

    erika: one time i was in bed and i heard a cockroach and i knew it was a cockroach. that was pretty creepy. but i don't think i would know what a scorpion sounds like. sounds like matt has some amazing talents. i would keep him around just for that. can he recognize other insects too? maybe you could put him on America's got Talent. You could be his beautiful assistant and wear gorgeous evening gowns. He could wear a blindfold and identify various critters based on how they sound. it's a hit!



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