Saturday, May 8, 2010

a busy weekend

well, my life of leisure has officially come to an end.

today is day five of ten consecutive work days. and i am exhausted.

but then again, it has been a full weekend. i wish that i could take the time and make a posts for each event, but you are just going to have to bear with my tiredness and lack of time and read a condensed version.

yesterday was my most FAVORITE brother's birthday. so to honor said occasion, my parents drove down to milledgeville where he goes to school. never one to turn down a free lunch and a chance to see my brother, i went along for the ride. besides being tired, car sick, and late for work, it was a good day.

today also was a really long and good day. this afternoon my friend and running partner, Rebecca got married! so this morning i woke up early, took a shower, did my hair, put on make-up, and got everything ready to go for the wedding since i would have to leave straight from work. Then my sister and i rode to purchase a present and card for the couple, i dropped her off at work, and i went to work. i got off a little after 3:30, ran to pick up my sister (whom Rebecca had as a camper when she worked at camp horizon), i changed in the garage, and we rode to downtown marietta for the ceremony. when we arrived at the church, we had to park down the street and we were already almost 30 minutes late. then, we couldn't figure out which door to go in, so i just went into the first door i found that was open. we walked into the church, but we didn't see anyone. we walked toward where i thought the sanctuary was and i saw a door that said "quiet please service in progress" so i thought, "this must be it" i went forward to open the door and i cracked it just a little bit. when i peeked in, i saw the back of the bridesmaids. that's right, it was the FRONT of the sanctuary! i quickly shut the door. i didn't know what to do. i saw some stairs and i thought that there might be a balcony over the top so we climbed the stairs, and alaina said "you have got to be kidding me" i saw another set of doors, started to pull on them and heard a LOUD creaking sound. nix that idea. so we went back down and wandered around a bit more. i could see along the side of the sanctuary and see that there weren't any doors, so i thought that we would be sitting outside until the ceremony was over. in one last attempt to make it inside, we walked around outside and i was relieved to see doors in the back of the sanctuary! yay! so we went up to the balcony and saw the last few minutes of the ceremony.

THEN to make the day even better i got COMPLETELY lost driving from the ceremony to the reception. yes, i got lost driving from marietta to kennesaw. my hometown. i am not proud of that fact, but it is, still a fact. i attribute it to being tired and misreading the directions, but feel free to judge me.

finally we made it and had a great time, hanging out with old friends, eating yummy food, and dancing the night away! and i think alaina had a good time too. she was asking me which guys were single, since she made it clear that she was NOT my date. i guess i will have to look elsewhere.

tomorrow, it is the early service and back to work for me. hopefully i will have the strength to workout afterward because i was only able to exercise three times this week.


  1. fun weekend!

    I give props to anyone who has to drive around the ATL area, since I'm pretty much terrified by it.

  2. juli wisotskyJuly 27, 2010

    i know this is an old post, but i just had to say that i got to wedding late one time and tried to find the right door, and i ended up walking into the choir loft talking and realized i was right behind the couple and the pastor! and i had zak, who was about 3, with me! YIKES! embarrassing!



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