Monday, May 24, 2010


this was a weekend of memories and milestones.

My baby sister, caitlin, graduated from high school! i just can't believe it. she was always that little girl tagging along behind all of us. now she is practically a grownup.

she is one of my most favorite people in the whole world and i am so glad that we got to celebrate her this weekend. Friday we had a party for all of her friends to come over, saturday was graduation and we had a luncheon with our family, then some party hopping. sunday we drove to Alabama to celebrate caitlin and our cousin ellen who is also graduating. it was so fun to spend time with our crazy extended family. we always have so much fun goofing off together. i tease my uncles that their maturity level drops 10 points when they get together.

i was pretty proud of my sun skills because we were out by the pool all day and i only got burned in a couple little places, AND for the first time in forever, i didn't feel totally self-conscientious in my bathing suit.

now it is back to work. i worked today, and i then i work wednesday through saturday. i won't know if i work on sunday until wednesday. but basically, i am working a lot.

Here is my favorite karenism from this weekend:
when she found out that my brother's friend was applying to MCG (Medical College of Georgia) she asked if that is what they put into chinese food. (that would be MSG)

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  1. I just laughed really hard at the Karenism.
    Congrats, Caitlin!



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