Sunday, May 9, 2010

my mom

First, let me say that i just saw a commercial for a device that cracks eggs for you. seriously? if you can't crack an egg, maybe you shouldn't be cooking.

Second, i just wanted to take a little time this mother's day to write a short tribute to my favorite mom.

my mom is known throughout all of Northside Hospital (where she is an RN) and among west cobb for her incredible baking skills.

anything you ask my mom for that is within her power, she will do for you.

she is passionate about her kids and her pets.

and she has taught me so much about how to love and give and serve.

but she is also stinkin hilarious.

just a few examples:

on friday we went to go visit my brother and she noticed that his dog was really skinny. She exclaimed "your dog is emancipated!"

i was riding with my parents somewhere and my dad saw a sign for kickboxing classes and he suggested that my mom enroll. Her response was "who would want to take a class where you sit around and kick boxes?"

you can't make this kind of stuff up folks. these are genuine karen quotes.

one of my favorite karenisms happened when she tried to use my phone which was set to predictive text to send a text message to my sister. She was attempting to type "sucks for you" but could not figure out how to use the T9. The result was unintelligible, but she sent it to my sister anyway. The resulting text was "sprsstaba" so, now, whenever something bad happens to someone, our response is "sprsstaba!"

one of my mom's favorite activities is to say outrageous things to see what kind of a reaction she can get out of people. Once she was pulling into a parking space next to the designated handicapped spot. And she says "i don't like to park next to handicapped spots because i don't want them to get out and scratch my car with their wheel chair" then she turns and looks at me with this grin, like she is waiting to see how i will respond to what she just said.

i try not to encourage this behavior.

i have tons more gems like that, but i don't want to overwhelm you.

basically, i am a lucky girl with an amazing mom.

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  1. HAAAA. I think you should have a weekly Karen-isms post or something. It would bring many smiles to my face. :)



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