Sunday, January 16, 2011


today is my dad's birthday

happy birthday, dad. blow out your glade candle.

we went to Texas Roadhouse.

and now i feel sick.

otherwise, today was a pretty nice day.
church was awesome.
went to the gym.
had my scholarship interview, which turned out to be a phone interview and not really an interview at all, but just me giving more information for another part of the application. and phone interviews mean that i can look like this:

then i laid around and read my DSM

good times.

by the way, thanks for hanging in there with me, i should have some "real" blogs coming. maybe. i just don't feel much like thinking lately. we'll see though.

oh and pray for that scholarship, everything went really well today, but they still haven't received my transcript in the mail and i have not received an email that they supposedly sent me. as usual, nothing is as easy as it should be...

i missed my friends today. don't any of you want to move to kennesaw? please?

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