Friday, January 28, 2011

this week

this week has seemed like it has taken a long time.
i was working a good bit and using all my spare time to attempt to catch up on school reading and i am still not even close to being done. but here are a few random highlights from the rest of the week:

actually half of what i was going to share has to do with weight watchers. i love this program because it is about changing your lifestyle and creating a new, livable, relationship with food. anyways, i love eating (obviously), so part of my challenge is finding good foods that i can get excited about that are good for me. so, tell me, who wouldn't get excited about a plate that looks like this?

yes, that is a giant pile of shrimp, and only two points! with a sweet potato (my favorite!)

for those of you who don't know, weight watchers works on a point system where all foods have a point value based on fat, carbs, fiber, and protein. it is awesome, and i have already lost 5% of my starting weight (my first goal!)

anyways, so earlier this week, my mom was looking in one of her ww books and noticed that a junior frosty from wendy's is only 4 points and she wanted me to go with her to get one. being a good daughter, i tagged along to get a frosty with my mom. this is what we got:

yes. it was like three bites big. awesome.

later on in the week, my mom redeemed herself by buying me this awesome present which i proceeded to assemble at ten o'clock at night because i can't stand to leave things undone:

yay! isn't it awesome? i just love it. my only dilemma is the balance between aesthetic and functional. really i could fill every shelf with books and still have some left over, but i like the way it looks with books on their side with a nick-knack on top. so, it looks nice, but now what do i do with my left over books? sigh. this was supposed to solve problems. and what do i use the baskets for? i am going to have to re-organize my whole room. oh well, that will be something i can do when i am procrastinating.

finally, today, which was friday, i went to Chattanooga, TN for an intensive, which mean a class that completes all of it's required classroom time over the course of three full days as opposed to meeting weekly. so i sat in a classroom from 9am to 5:30 pm. it was brutal. the only thing that saved me was the subject matter, because it is right up my alley.


so, anyways, that is the gist of my week. now it is the weekend and it begins with me working. woo.

but it ends with my birthday! yay!

and saturday people i love are coming to take me to dinner, and i feel so blessed. and there is a possibility that i may be getting a gift that will make me infinitely more technologically advanced, which is a bit scary because i couldn't figure out how to work a microwave today...

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  1. that dinner looks yummy! I love yummy, healthy foods.

    I'll probably find excuses to get frosty's now. Thanks for that.

    Love you!



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